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Currently we are working on the new version, it will contain a full explanation how to work with modules.
and then delete the commentary? it is written that runs XHTML Validated, but when checking gives 3 errors. In which file to look for?
Line 176, Column 23: [p class=”readmore” /// no]
Line 182, Column 28: [div class=”item-separator” /// no]
Line 183, Column 8: [/ div / / / no]
It should be in template.css file.
Thank you very much for your help, everything works. Super Template. Good luck to everyone.
p.s. Sorry for my English, used the Google translator.
This is a great template. Quick questions:1) I notice that in some of your versions you have the Search bar on the side above the Main Menu -- How can I get that to show on the Home page?
2) I would like to put the Main Menu items across and above the slide show, similar to ”tabs”. I saw that also in one of this template's examples. How can I do that?

please advise... thanks!

In few days, we are going to publish template documentation where you will find answer on your first question.
Regarding menu items across slider - this template doesn't have such option.
Quick question regarding update. I received an email about update version of the template, since I bought the more expensive version.
Now how do I update or to start with, download the updated version?

Thanks for help.
The template can be downloaded from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.
I downloaded the premium licensed version and get the following error when i try to install:

JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

Please advise how to fix this!
You have to unzip it first.
After purchasing extended version and trying to install this box message has appear:

-1 - An error has occurred.

Copy failed

Return to Control Panel

What should I do?
Please check permissions, it means the directory is unwriteable.

Do you know what directory should I change permissions?
Ok. My problem its solve.

Free version was already installed.
Template manager doesnt delete my free version, so new premium version cant be installed.

”Cannot delete last style of a template” message.

I went to:

1.”Extension Manager: Manage”
2.”Manage” Tab
3.Find Template

And at the end I installed new version.

I bought the premium version of this template - it is really good!

I'm trying to figure out how to change the CSS of the drop-down menu so that the first level doesn't have a background (also in hover state). When I try to change the background, the sub-levels also do loose the background and are not readable any more.

How can I keep the backgrounds on the drop-downs?

Many thanks in advance!
You have to make changes in template.css file starting from the line 314 and styles.php file starting from line 193
Please, can you say me how i can make disappear the words ”Detail” in the header of articles, juste before ”Date of Publication”? If i choose no details to show, the layout is much more prettier. But i would publish the ”publishing date”

- without the word ”details” in front of it
- and rather in the end of the article!

This is a very great template, i am happy having bought it.
Another Problem: in the view ”Blog articles”, when i publish an article with the text floating to his right, the first article is correctly displayed, but on the second, third, fourth and so on, there is no space between the text and the image, the text ”touch” the image.

What can I do?
1. Try to change article Options in Menu Manager : Edit Menu Item
2. The blog was designed with left floating, you have to made changes in css files.
The problem (no space between picture and text in Blog view) is in both cases, left and right floating. Please let me know what i should do. It is in the three column premium version.
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