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Yes, the menu size you can change in the template.css file, please find the following classes and change the width:

#header .row2 #topmenu {
height: 40px;
margin: 32px 0 0;
padding: 0;
position: relative;
text-transform: none;
width: 660px;
z-index: 20;

#header .row2 #companyname {
height: 115px;
width: 340px;
Great thanks.

Also, I see that the slider's images are 1000x350. This ratio forces us to lose great detail from the pictures due to the resizing and cropping to match this size even after changing the pixel ratio to stretch the picture in Photoshop.

Is it possible to change the size of the slider to something that is closer to 1000x575 or close to this.


You have to change the height in the slider.css file in the following classes:

#slideshow {
background-image: url(”../../images/bg.slideshow.png”);
background-position: center bottom;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
float: none;
height: 400px;
margin: 0 1px;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 0;
position: relative;
width: 1000px;

#slideshow #slider {
height: 350px;
margin: 0;
overflow: hidden;
width: 1000px;
Regarding the menu bar's size and position, I followed your suggestion and changed the width from 660 to 840 to accommodate the additional buttons and indeed the menu bar shows as a single row right above the slider. I also had to add left: 160px; property to align the bar with the right edge of the slider - I hope this is the correct way to do this?

However it also associated with a side effect:

1. Because it extends now under the logo, the slider and the menu got pushed down and now the breadcrumb is hidden as well as the drop shadow of the slider.
also, the slider is almost touching the top of the content area because the content area was not pushed down.

2. Additionally, I tried to change the width of the buttons from 140px to 105px in ”#header .row2 #topmenu li a” but then lost the contour on the side of the buttons. Is this the correct object? I assume you are using an image for the button's contour? I don't really need to change the width of the button if I can resolve the challenge I detailed above in #1


I only see slideshow.css in Joomla. Do I need to access this css outside of Joomla?

We have to see this, a lot of changes were done.
The slider.css you can find in the: templates/as002022/slider/css folder.
Hi, I want buy this templates but i have a question. I pay USD17 for this templates, but after one year, I can follow using it? or I again pay other license for other year and so each year?
Yes you can use it, this is one time payment.

I bought AS template 002022 (Lite Version) for Joomla 1.7 on 2nd June 2011 and now I installed 5.0.2 version of this template (update date 25th october 2011). I use Joomla 1.7.3 (installed a few days ago) and I have checked some incompatibility between this template and version 1.7.3 of Joomla. In fact the slider of the template doesn't appear as you can check at link: http:\www.venturaluca.comjupgrade (I disabled all modules to check that one (ore more) of them could conflict with the template or some parts of it). I have had the same problem with version 4.0 of the template (update date 27th July 2011) after updating my Joomla CMS to 1.7.3 version (with Joomla 1.7.0 I had no problem!!). So I tried to install last version of the template....Can someone help me please? I would like to use version 4.0 and 5.0.2 of you template (AS 002022) with all a the slider effects!! I think that the problem is in query module that doesn't load for some the slider doesn't appear. Maybe something is changed in Joomla 1.7.3 in loading Jquery module...are you agree? Anyway I haven't succeeded in finding the reason of this bug...can you help me? I need also version 4.0 of your templates working because I built my web site on its interface and its module locations.

Thanks a lot in advance everybody!


Please check the following page where we published module configuration instructions:
Hello!! I know...I have followed the instructions you published at link you indicated to me but it does' work!! There is a bug of course!! In fact the Jquery slider doesn't appear and if you type:

”slider” position doesn't exist!!! And then I ask you: why did the Jquery slider of version 4.0 (update date 27th July 2011) of you template (AS 002022) stop working (and disappeared) after I upgraded Joomla to 1.7.3 version? With Joomla 1.7 it worked perfectly!!!

Let me know.


We think the 'Show slider' parameter in Template Slider Configuration section is set to: 'not show', please check it, otherwise, please contact us through Contact Us page and provide with access to Joomla admin center, we have to check this issue.
I sent to you my access credentials to my Joomla admin page using the ”contact us” form :)
Thank You, we checked your site, the problem is that your home page does not contain a featured articles. Please see How To page for more info.

This template will be updated in few days, we are going to put additional parameters which will allow to put slider not only on pages with featured articles.
there is a feature article! In my Joomla Admin panel go to ”Contenuti - [ttention,
there is a feature article! In my Joomla Admin panel go to ”Contenuti - ] Gestione Articoli” and you will see that there is a featured article (title: ”Benvenuto!” that is to say ”Welcome!” in english), in fact the related column (”In evidenza”) for featured articles is checked.

For this reason in the home page you see a Welcome banner (by!

So...where is the problem? :(

Let me know.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, you have featured articles, you have point on them from your Home page, your home page type is 'Articles » Single Article' instead 'Articles » Featured Articles'.
All this info you can find in the Joomla! documentation, or if you are interested in our services please visit the following page:
when will be available the new version of the template with additional parameters which will allow me to put slider not only on pages with featured articles (see your message posted on 28th december 2011)?

Thanks a lot.

We believe it have to be done at the end of this week or beginning next.

My question is not really related to the template 2022 I purchased but I was hopping you may be able to direct me to the correct info as I'm getting pretty frustrated with the lack of support on the forums.

Your template is installed and works perfectly. My problem is related to K2. I am using K2 for content creation as it has additional functionality that I need. One of the features included with K2 is related items based on TAGS.
Unfortunately the related items only shows on the bottom of the page.
However I would like to assign it to position 45 on your template because I want to show the related 5 items on the right side of the article.

I tested my concept with creating a new K2-Content module in Joomla and assign it to position 45. Then I selected a specific Category and it worked perfectly. However, it shows the same items all the times on every article page.

I was hoping that maybe you can direct me with how to either change the position of the K2 related items or alternatively help me with modifying the module I just created to retrieve the related items based on TAGS.

I know this may be allot to ask but I am really hopping you will be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

We are sorry, we don't have an answer on your question. Please refer to K2 documentation/support.
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