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Can you please provide us with an URL? We have to check it.
Could i provide it via PM? The site is not revealed public yet.
We have to see the source code, as well, probably we will need access to the Joomla admin center, please upload it on your hosting.
I recognized, that there should be a newer version of this great template.
how can I get an update?

In my account, there are only the ”older” download links.
The template you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account, if you will have any problems please contact us by email. Thank You.
I have some Questions with the Template. Is there a Forum to discuss or where can i ask?

For example:

Can i change the Slider dimensions and position?
How to have a fix picture on the Slider position per Site?
Sorry, there are no such options, all template parameters you can find on the following page:
Hi - I got this; thanks.

While updating the template, does this mean that the changes, made by you, will be disabled?

Yes, all previously made changes in the source code will be rewriten
I do not talk about my own changes (there are none).

Does you info also include the changes, you made and I´ve paid for?

Sorry, guess the question sounds stupid...
Hello Tiramoconsulting,
Can you please contact us by email or via our Contact Us page, we have to discuss it, sorry. Thank You.
Hi, what are the advantages of the Template 002029 if i buy it?
Please learn about all advantages on the Template details page.
I have purchased this temple, but I am unsure how to use the ”center column layout as my default home page, I am new to joomla.

Please help.
The Joomla documentation may help you a lot:
On the ”contact us” page, how can i disable ”Get directions” so that, only contact form appears?
And, how can i attach ”get directions” to another menu page?
Sorry for my bad english.
Please help
Yo have to unpublish it in the Module Manager. Please refer to the template documentation, it will help you a lot.

Just purchased and downloaded this template. However whenever I test the home page I get a pop-up saying ”Designed by AS....”

How can I remove it?

Note: I did have the evaluation template prior to purchasing the full version. however I uninstalled it, deleted all files from the tmp directory and only then installed the purchased version.

There is only one reason, you still have an old free version installed on your server, please check it one more time. If you will still have this problem, please contact us via the Contact Us page and provide with access to the Joomla admin panel, tahank You.
Hi Again,

Thanks for the super quick response.

It only happened in Google Chrome and seem to be caused by the slider. If I remove the slider, I don't get the popup.

It turned out Chrome was caching the Javascript even after closing it dow. All is good now :)

On another note, I have another question if i may. Is it possible to change the size/position of the main menu? I have more than 4 items so it creates 2 rows of buttons. I was thinking of moving it (if possible) under the slider so it can expand as a single row.

My second question is, how do I make the slider picture label bar transparent?


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