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You are welcome to download a free version and test it.
I did, but it doesn't work. See my comments above
It should be checked, please contact us by email and provide access to the Joomla admin center.
i used the contact us form and provided the information
We found the problem, will fix ASAP and let you know. Thank You.
The problem with free template is fixed. Thank you for noticing.
Fantastic looking template.. well done. The latest version, however, has an alert (stating ”designed by”) popup every single time the template loads. This makes the free version of this template unusable.

also, i think you'd be interested to know the drop down submenus doesn't seem to work unless you are on the page corresponding to that submenu's root menu.

eg: i had a menu similar to this:

|- estate
|- commercial
About us

if i'm on the Home page and i hover over ”Forms”, the submenu doesn't open. but if i first click on ”Forms”, once that page loads the submenu for it will drop down. i suspect this is unintentional.
Free template doesn't have dd menu option, sorry.
Regarding the pop up, you are not allowed to delete AS copyright from the free template. Please see our terms of use for more info.
the problem is not fixed yet.
We have uploaded fixed version, please try now.
i think you may have gotten the wrong idea. twice. I wasn't asking or expecting you to enable dd menus for the free template. I was simply trying to inform you that the behaviour seems inconsistent. You say the dd menu isn't an option, yet it seems to be there under certain circumstances. I figured that would be something you'd want to know.

Also, I wasn't implying i would delete your notice. You seemed to have moved, in this case, from your original policy of allowing people to use your templates for free in exchange for advertising on their site. Now you clearly just want to annoy developers into buying a license. That's your prerogative; I just wanted to comment about it. This IS the comments section, after all.
seanrzz, thank You for comment.

not fixed i still don't see the other modules. Where did you upload? Can you give me the adress
We checked one more time, it is OK, it's very strange :(
You can download it from the 'Template Details' page:
I bought the license, but the popup keeps reappearing. How should I proceed to activate the license?
You have first to uninstall a free version, and then instal licensed
First, thanks for your job. I've purchased the license but I have some difficulties to customize some modules, especially the ”position-17” which shows a ”menu contact sitemap etc” on your demo. For myself, i just want to put a topmenu instead, with Login / Search (PixserachNG extension) / and contact. I've tried everything but:
- the content is centered et drop down on the banner
- the only way to display something good is to create a 1 menu item et place an image with 700px width.
- the text color in this area is black on black background, but I suppose that it could be changed in template CSS or something like that.
How can I modify the position-17 behaviour just to show an horizontal menu with 3 items, left corner aligned.
Thanks for your help.
Sorry, this template doesn't have such option.
The problem was fixed and uploaded on the server, please download it and reinstall.
I really like this template and making good progress with it.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong but do all your templates need me to add my own html code to the article text?

I have disabled the TinyMCE and regardless of what I choose as an editor ie TinyMCE, no editor or Codemirror there is nothing except space for text - is this right?

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