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Hi CAZBART,yes that is right, it is blank, in this text area you should put your text/code.
How do I disable the slideshow (position-18) on every page without disabling the position-21?
Can I use the 18-position by another module?
This template doesn't have slideshow in module position 18 or 21
of course it has ... AS002027 - Image Slider (Position-18).
Sorry, we looked on the wrong template, currently this template doesn't have such option, sorry again.
Hi I tried to upload 1.6 version but it shows

Copy failed
JInstaller: :Install: Failed to copy file mpinstall_4eae77cf16555index.php to C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsMy Web Sitesjoomla_16 emplatesas002027index.php

Could you please kindly help me?

Is that first time you are using this template?
Please check it in: Extensions - Extension Manager - Manage, if you already have please uninstall.
Hello, i like the Templates from ASTempltes but whit this Template I have lot of failure. One failure is on Home whit the Slider. It don´t go Submenü on the Mainmenü only another sites. The two failure is on buttons. the butons are to little for the text. I don´t can disable the slider?

Hi, I have chosen the pictures for the slidesshow in advanced options. But the slideshow didn't show on the page. Should I do anything else to make work? Sorry I am a new starter. Thanks.
CJENCJEN, the home page should contains at least one featured article, please check it.
I have found my problem whit this Template. The jquery is too old for another Plugins. Can I insert a new jquery?
CHAEPPY, we are going to update this template soon, it should resolve this issue.
I am using Free Version of this template.
Can you please let me know how to get the following things in my website:
1. Links to ”Share to Social network” like facebook, Twitter, etc. as shown in the demo of this template.
2. Links to ”Home”, ”Contact”, and ”Sitemap” at position-17.

Please help with this information.
You have to create a custom html module and put the following code
1. Top navbar:

<div id=”home”>
<a title=”Home” href=””></a>
<div id=”contact”>
<a title=”Contact Us” href=””></a>
<div id=”sitemap”>
<a title=”Site Map” href=””></a>

2. Social links:

<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img width=”24” height=”24” border=”0” title=”Facebook” alt=”Facebook” src=”/content/asj1/images/sampledata/as002027/facebook_logogr.png”>
<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img width=”24” height=”24” border=”0” title=”Twitter” alt=”Twitter” src=”/content/asj1/images/sampledata/as002027/twitter_logogr.png”>
<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img width=”24” height=”24” border=”0” title=”LinkedIn” alt=”LinkedIn” src=”/content/asj1/images/sampledata/as002027/linkedin_logogr.png”>
<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img width=”24” height=”24” border=”0” title=”Blogger” alt=”Blogger” src=”/content/asj1/images/sampledata/as002027/blogger_logogr.png”>
<a target=”_blank” href=””>
<img width=”24” height=”24” border=”0” title=”MySpace” alt=”MySpace” src=”/content/asj1/images/sampledata/as002027/myspace_logogr.png”>
hi i have a problem with image slider, when choosing display only home page, it does not work anywhere else on my site, but if i choose not only home page then everything is fine. how can I make image slider to work only on home page of my site?
Is you home page contains featured articles? If not please enable.
yes my home page have content.
Which content has your home page? It should contain featured articles, please check this, it's very important.
content of my home page consists of text, a menu of the site chosen as the home page, in materials category called homepage. what else to do, I do not understand (
Your home page should contain featured articles, please check it.
Please refer to the Jomla documentation regarding how to create a page with featured articles.
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