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Hi- I purchased this but cannot install it. Can you help?

My email address is
Its AT CreArt one.

I want to load the pre made quickstart package up in Joomla and it won;t install the zip file even though have downloaded it.

I can only get the sample template working currently. Any ideas

I visited the SP Page Builder website and do not know which package to buy for the editor with 40+ features.

There are Basic, Developer, Extended with $39, $179 and $69 respectively.

Also another pricing Personal, Business, Developer with $59, $99 and $299.
The PRO version that you are referring to is this one ( and cost $299?

Is $39 version having the same features as the above or lesser features? What is not included in $39 version?

Sorry for asking this question, because I initially thought there are only 2 versions, Free or Paid. Paid version is Pro version, but it seem that there are 2 paid versions. The paid Basic and paid Pro version, then what is the different between Free, Paid Basic and Paid Pro version in term of features.

I wrote to SP Page Builder, no one seem to read or reply to my questions about the different in term of features between different version.

I was hoping they have a table to tell the difference between them.

Regards & Thanks
Hello, the advanced portfolio module stopped working after a joomla update. I cannot update the extension because I do not have the 'unique download code' you get when you purchase it. Do you have the could you use so I can update? Thank You

- Cody
Good afternoon. I bought the template demo. Spend the installation, as described in the instructions, but the template is empty. There are no modules, and images, as in the example on the website. What to do?
Hello. I bought Regular License. After installation there are problems with displaying the portfolio module on home page:
Can you help to fix it?
Thank you!
I Install the Quick start pack (AT CREART) and this show an error

syntax error, unexpected '[' in
home3/ticoweb/public_html/ on line 124

Please Thank you for you help.
Not found any information for solve my problem.

I am install and it is work corrctly, but with your package not work, please sent me another solution or cancel my subscriptions so I need solve urgent this problem.

This is the error:
syntax error, unexpected '[' in
home3/ticoweb/public_html/ on line 124

Not this:
Error 500, or with this details error “Fatal error: Call to undefined method JAdminCssMenu::addChild() in /[joomla-root]/administrator/modules/mod_sppagebuilder_admin_menu/tmpl/default_enabled.php on line 16″

I rename “mod_sppagebuilder_admin_menu” to “mod_sppagebuilder_admin_menu__”. but it isn't work

The temporary link is:


Hello. I am watting for your Help ...
Version PHP 5.4.45
Version MySQL 5.5.51-38.2
Version Apache 2.2.34

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AT Creart
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$29.00 $21.75
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$39.00 $29.25
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