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I instaled quick package on my site but that is noot a quick pack
This package should contain Joomla! and It can be set up automatically but I do not have access to Joomla for instalation
Thanks a lot.
After installation, I updated Joomla to the last version and now everything is gon and I see an empty page.(admin panel is empty)
It is a couple of years that I'm using AS templates but never had so difficulty and problems!!!
Could you please tell me what happened?
User: admin
Password: Samaneh@2018
I find it and it was on line 45 and I changed but nothing happened.

Could you please help me to fix this?

user: barandazan
Password: Samaneh@2018

User: admin
Password: Samaneh@2018

Thank you so much.
AS is the Best
Unit Revolution Slider doesn't work and show below error:

An error has occurred.
0 [] operator not supported for strings
Return to Control Panel

So I can not change the slider
How can I fix this?

Hi Age Templates,
I have made a multi language site from the quick start pacakage.
Therefore i made a 3 new menu's for every language in case of the existing main menu. But if i choose module position 'menu', the header menu is stange displaying. The existing old menu is stille there but that is not the right one.
How i make multilanguage? And get the just menu? For the time beeling you can take a look at
Thanks in forward. Regards Grafiek.
Where i can find the configuration of this slider; Testimonial Pro? It's under the line SOME OF ACHIEVMENTS at the home page.
Thanks in forward.
Regards, Grafiek
Hi. I have to update SP Page Builder Version 3.3.6 which is used in the template to 3.4.5 but the update link doesn't work and also there is no way to download from What is your suggestion? Thanks
Thanks a lot. I did. what should I do for the next update? because a new version arrived as well. 3.4.5.
anyway, thank you.
Where i can configure the slider at the homepage below SOME OF ACHIEVMENTS? I cannot find it at the testimonial in the unite slider. Not the the photo's even not the text. At home there are 3 at the slider, In the Unite slider there are 2, but another text.
Thanks in forward.
Regards, Grafiek
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