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Can you please tell me how to remove the you are here on the top of the template.
Please see the following article:
Thanks I've already done this and its working but the ”you are here” also appears on the top of the header on the very top left hand side. How can I get rid of it there?
We think you have published a breadcrumbs module in this position.
No because where it appears is straight from the template install and when looking at the module positions there is no position for where it's sitting. Can I send you a screenshot?
I have done as said in the how to: Select ”Show Sub-menu Items” to ”Yes” if you are going to use dropdown menu; and the dropdown menu is not showing.
don't worry about the you are here, i've found the problem. Thanks
I have done as said in the how to: Select ”Show Sub-menu Items” to ”Yes” if you are going to use dropdown menu; and the dropdown menu is not showing. Can you please give me a suggestion how to fix this. Also I need to change the mainmenu menu font colour where can this be changed? Thanks
In case to check the submenu please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin center. The colors you can't change in the Light version, it is available in the Premium only.
I want the complet body/background in black not in white - in which css can i change this ? i tried to find it by myself - but did not find where to change the color !!!
THX for reply - Great Template !

Try in styles.php file
could you be so kind and tell me where there ??? i already tried .. maybe i changed the wrong parameter ... i am using the PRO Template

thank you
In the styles.php file, in the first class called body please change the background-color parameter to:
background-color: #000000;
Thank you for your fast reply - one last question - where in the styles.php can i change the color for the CONTENT Background ???

thank you
The content background is set to transparent, means it inherits the body background color, see lines 346 and 567 in styles.php file.
changed both to ”#000000” but takes no effect - you mean this lines

background-color: transparent;


#colmain #component
background-color: #[?php echo $bodybgcolor; ?];
border-color: #DEDEDE;
I purchased the premium version, but I can't figure out how to make the sub-menu items display properly. Some of the sub-menu items are two words. The second word is partially covered by the next sub-menu item. I need the words to show up in on a single line, i.e. not wrapped, or for the item to have more space so that both words show. Is this possible?
You have to make changes in css files.
Could you be a little more specific, I have looked through the css files.
We are sorry, you writing that you purchased a premium version, we don't see it under your account, sorry for that.
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