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Hello, I´ts ok. Shame on me. I didn´t expect "index.html" in the root and
I overlooked it. I never seen this file there.

So thank's for your time. Regards


is the module on the startsite integrated for the pictures and how many pictures can I use in it? Can the dimensions of picture area be adapted?

Thanks for the answer.
Thank you for your answer. Can I use more than 6 pictures?

may I remove in the Regular License the copyright and substitute?

Thank you
I have a mistake in the module Captify Content, the data XML are not available. What can this lie with? I have checked the settings and everything is OK. I am of use Joomla 3.4 with PHP version 5.4
Yes JB Library plugin is installed. And tmp folder is also ok.
I have the latest version of the JB Library plugin and also Captify Content module.
The problem has taken care. The file XML is partially capitalised in the module, nevertheless, may be only written with a small letter. Example original: mod_captifyContent.xml and now: mod_captifycontent.xml
I have integrated about the html module my logo on the position logo and the flag for the multilingual facility on the position headerbar. Now both modules are faded out on the IPhone what I do not want. Which setting must I carry out to let indicate these both modules also on the IPhone?
It does not function.
The logo is very narrow and the position is too wide below. Can I make the logo a little bigger and adapt the position upwards? The flags are not indicated on the position offcanvas.
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