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I've manually installed the template. However, I'm looking at how to install/enable the "Revolution Slider Component" as is mentioned in the description. No extension is provided to install it separately.

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Hello i have buyed extented version and sample page is not working. i can not find documentation for your template. If i install in quick there are no text and pics online. If i install joomla and your template new i cannot find the positions.
Please send me a working version or documentation.

thank you.
best regards

Falko / ITSN
I have bought the extended ATLANTIS license – and installed it wothout any Problems some months ago.
But now I wanted it for another site, and I can not install it any more – after I uploaded the files, the anomation in the bttom right works, but the installation hangs on the first page.
What’s the Problem ?
I have tried uploading new several times, using different domain names and older versions, but still no difference.

Hmmm - it is on the first step where you fill in the page Name - before you get to fill in the database Details. And there is no error message - just the page "loading" forever. If you press submit again, it says "in process". Send me an email to Marc at brandmarc dot com and I'll send you the install page... I have several joomla installations running on the server without any problem.
Good day,

Payment was confirm from my account for this template, but i cant seem to find it in my purchase items?

Can you please confirm that for me?

Kind Regards,
How can I change the background color of this template?
Am Still have difficulty installing the Demo of the Template as am not seeing the template among the list items in the sample data. I really love to get same site as the demo and do the modifications myself.

Thank You
Hello! I can not instal "quickstart". There is a mistake at a stage of "Creating database tables". Joomla 3.3.6 from the official site is instaling correctly and without problems
Hello! I can not instal "quickstart". There is a mistake at a stage of "Creating database tables". Joomla 3.3.6 from the official site is instaling correctly and without problems/

Thank you

Maxim Tokarev

I sent you to mail information, but didn't receive from you the help. Help me please

Thank you

Maxim Tokarev

Well, I will wait for your mail.

Thank you

Maxim Tokarev
I still could not install the latest V5 Version of Atlantis on my Server - it still hangs on the first install page - before you type in the database details. IS THERE A NEW "QUICK INSTALL" VERSION AVAILABLE ?
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