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Thank you for your reply.

Do you offer a refund in case the template doesn't meet our expectations?
We are sorry, since we are offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds/exchanges once the order is accomplished and the item download link is provided.

Regards, AS Team.
Question: A few days ago I bought a template 2059 premium. I'm having trouble installing the quickstart package. I get the error number "Could not connect to MySQL". Any idea what the problem can be? Another question: which PHP version is necessary? Thanks in advance!
Hello PIM1949,
It means you put some wrong data, it can be your hostname, username or password, the info you have to receive from your hosting provider.

Regards, AS Team.

We have installed your theme but for some reason the "Contacts" page does not appear correctly:

Also the Google Maps plugin does not seem to be loading.

The is the Joomla installed using the "qucikstart" archive. The extensions from the "extensions" directory were also installed.

Currently running PHP 5.3 but same thing for 7.1. Any further configuration that needs to be done or some additional requirement?
We are sorry, we do not see any purchased items under your account, our support is available for premium template version only.

Regards, AS Team.
Here is the account from which the template is purchased. Please advice on the above question.
What is your website url please?

Regards, AS Team.
Here is the URL for the site once again:
Just released an update which has to fix the issue with contact page, please download the latest version from your AS account and replace updated files accordingly to the release log:

Regards, AS Team.

Our Contact Us page does not seem to load the same way as the demo. Instead it is loaded like this:

It shows the category Miscellaneous Information/Contact/Contact Form as a link instead as the information and you need to click on it in order to view it. Is there an option that needs to be changed for this?

Best Regards!
For checking this issue can you please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel? The access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Credentials provided in the Special info area. In addition the "Featured Articles" does not seem to show (the place under the slider where it says PLANNING/DESIGNING/MAKING PROJECT/NEW IDEAS

I was trying to find where was the data for the home page but couldn't find all of it.

We have noticed that the contact form is fixed. We appreciate for the help. Would please let us know what exactly was the issue?
Under the Contact menu item Contact Display Options the Display Format parameter should be set to Plain.

Regards, AS Team.
Is there a place where I can see all of the module positions on the template and how they are organized together?
The template module positions table you can preview here:

Regards, AS Team.

We made some changes after which the article slider does not load. Any suggestions on how to fix that as well. Seems to be the only thing left that stopped working.

Best Regards!
Please check the slider documentation, we think you missed something:

Regards, AS Team.
I am trying to design on your template and I am running into some issues. The website I am working on is

1. My main menu and logo are not lining up on the same line. Do you know why?
2. If you go to another article ex. "Our Story" the top menu bar is blocking half my article content. Why is that?
3. I created a Custom HTML module in as-position-5 that is set to all pages but it is only showing up on two. Why is that?

Thanks for your help!
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