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When I select a word in Template uninature and with "bold" distinguishing, then the word is still normal. "Bold" in the editor does not work!
What can I do? where is the error?
I use only standard fonts. There are always "bold". But it does not work!
Go to:
on the Home

"EFFITEC" is Arial bold. Awarded correctly.


"Planen Sie:"

This is not good! Standard fonts must function. This really is not good!
The e-mail from the PDF file does not work. I get the following message:

I'm sorry to have to inform you did your message Could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

What is the correct e-mail address?
E-Mail its ok. Sorry
was my fault
thank you


Kind Regards
I just purchased your Uninature PT template for Joomla. I am using Joomla version 3.3.6. When I try to install quickstart version of your template I get the error below:
1242 Subquery returns more than 1 row SQL=INSERT INTO 'jos_update_sites_extensions' ('update_site_id') VALUES ((SELECT'update_site_id' FROM 'jos_update_sites' WHERE 'name'='Joomla! Update Component Update Site'), (SELECT 'extension_id' FROM 'jos_extensions' WHERE 'name'='com_joomlaupdate'));

It is same for package and for installation from tmp directory. Joomla admin page is gone. I have to reinstall Joomla. Could you please provide with solution?


Hello Guys

Parameters from this template
We bought the template but i'm missing the parameters. A description of the module positions, which would make it much easier to work with the Uninature theme. All the templates of your partner AS Template are provided with it in "parameters".

Can you help me out with this

Best regards
Hello My name is olivier,

I just tried to install the file using Joomla 3.3.6.
When I clicked on the buttom "upload and install" in the extension manager menu, nothing happens.
And I checked le template manager, the Uninature Template does not appear anywhere??

What can I do? to install this quickstart file
I would like to use the uninature template on joomla like it is in the DEMO on your Website.
I am not enough familiar with Joomla, so i need to have the mimimum of things to do in the template to create my own website.

Thanks for your answer

Hope really soon

Olivier Garcia
Hello Again,

I just Bought the Item Uninature yesterday evening with my company WonderpoolCreation in France.
mail adress

I just paid with my own paypal accompt.

So please help me

I followed some advices in internet telling me to replace the joomla file in the www serveur with the quick start file
I reach the installation screen but as soon as I tape next step (step2) nothing happens, the screen is bloqued in the middle and i can't do anything else except reboot the localhost...;

thanks for your help

And sorry for my english

Olivier Garcia

hello Again


I use a localhost... at this moment of my work.
I plan to send my datas on an online server at the end.

can you help me anyway?
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