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I just tried another thing in front of the install screen of joomla and a message told me : your request has been refused because she had an invalid security mark. please refresh the page and try again"

i tried to refresh but still nothing.

i can't reach the second install page "data" step2.

if you want to take a look at my computer, I have a little freeware "Log me in" that will allow you to control the machine directly....

please tell me, i am still at the office for 2 hours by now

olivier Garcia

Could you give me please your e-mail adress? I just have
I think it's not yours

olivier garcia
I found you on skype at dachi218 from Nairoby, i try to call you but you do not answer.
i will try again in few minutes

i hope we will be able to discuss slowly in english...
We are sorry, we do not see any purchased items under your account.

Regards, AS Team.

our website is developped with uninature template and we see that the headerbar is not width enough.. How can we adjust that?

can you help me with my uninature template. On my website: i see grey stripes in several fields.

example (///////)

Is it possible to enable this, i don't like these striping.
Also i can't use italic of bold.. Who can help me

Hope to hear from you,

Thank you.
And the italic and bold way to fix this in the template

I entered a new Browser Page Title, but the same title of Farming remains. What am I missing to change this?

How is the green bar at the top of the page removed?

Thank you.

Just purchased template. Having problems updating to current version of Joomla. Template is now at 3.1 as of April 2013.

When it checks for updates, it tells me that Joomla 3.27 is the current one to update to. When I do the site crashes/show a blank screen.

Had to reinstall.

The current version of Joomla is 3.4 but it will not allow this version to install properly without crashing.

How do I remove the Powered by name in the footer?

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Uninature PT
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